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20+ years experience in art direction, concept development, production processes.

I specialize in concept visualization, team building and fostering innovation.

I like collaborating to create immersive worlds. I like solving problems. I like creating production systems to streamline processes.

Most of all, I thrive when presented with a challenge - especially the challenge that comes from creating new worlds in a production environment full of technological and personnel issues.

What I have done:

CONTENT HIGHLIGHTS: Part of the creative team for Eisner Award-Winning Darkhorse series Grendel-Warchild. Created UI for the original Apple Multi-session CD ROM. 3D artist on award-winning Reboot The Ride (Las Vegas). Art Director for award-winning Transformers-Beast Machines. Pre-Post Production Art Manager at LucasArts

CORPORATE HIGHLIGHTS: Spearheaded the R&D team and Department Head structure at Mainframe Entertainment. Implemented new methodology at LucasArts, saving more than $125,000 within its first 8 weeks in operation. Launched one of Canada’s first family-focused digital periodicals, creating industry-leading interactive advertising tools as Creative Director for Our Big Earth Media Co.

COMMUNITY HIGHLIGHTS: Since 2007, I’ve been one of Canada’s unique sports voices as the sports editorial cartoonist for The Georgia Straight.

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS: Dad of two great kids. Lead sleep deprivation engineer. Closet sports prognosticator.





DHX Media

Blaze and the Monster Machines (Art Director)


, Animation and Concept Art program at Vancouver Film School

Atomic Cartoons


Beat Bugs (Design Supervisor)

Rainmaker Entertainment Inc.


ReBoot-The Guardian Code (Art Director/Production Designer/Matte Painter) 


The Georgia Straight:


StraightJAB (Weekly Sports Editorial Cartoonist)



DHX Halifax:


Doozers (Environment-Locations Production Designer)



Our Big Earth Media Co.:


Creative Director of original community-based IP include:

- The Comox Valley 30-Day Local Food Challenge
- The Warmth of Christmas with Filberg Lodge
- The Silliest Sandwich Competition
- The Neighbourwood Walks Program
- The SPROUTS Kids Gardening Program
- NeighbourWood Eats Youth Food Education Program


 Licensed IP that I rebranded for national launch in the Canadian marketplace include:

- National Costume Swap Day Canada
- Books For Treats Canada



Freelance work:


TBA FILM PROJECT - Halifax Film (Production consultant/Production Designer)

FIFA STREET 3 NEXT GEN - EA Sports (2ndary Character Designer)
STORM HAWKS - Nerd Corps (Set Design on a few episodes)
STRAIGHT JAB - The Georgia Straight (Weekly Sports Editorial Cartoon in Canada's largest independent newspaper)
"THIRST" film - Digital Alchemy (Matte Painter)
ZIGBY - Digital Alchemy (Production Designer / Sets and Props)
ZIXX LEVEL 3 - Digital Alchemy / Mainframe Entertainment (Production Designer / sets)

LucasArts (LucasFilm):



Star Wars Battlefront

Star Wars: Episode III Revenge of the Sith

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords

Star Wars Republic Commando

Armed and Dangerous - Planet Moon (helped with Cut-scene effort while at LucasArts)

Secret Weapons Over Normandy (managed an FX artist who worked on the project while at LucasArts)



Mainframe Entertainment (now Rainmaker):


Transformers, Beast Machines (Conceptual designer, Art Director)

Beast Wars, Season I and II (animator)

ReBoot season III (animator, FX artist)

Shadow Raiders / War Planets (look development designer / concept artist, some texture work)

Heavy Gear (development and series consulting, managed Art teams on project)

Action Man (managed Art team on project, project consulting)

Weird-Ohs (some concept design, texture work)

Casper's Haunted Christmas (managed Art teams on project)

Barbie in the Nutcracker (project consultation, script consultation, development conceptualization)

Scary Godmother (conceptual design, proof of concept Art Direction, development design)



Awards (shared):


2000 New York Festivals World Medal in the Youth/Young Adults TV Programming – Beast Machines, the series

2000 Children and Youth Animation Bronze Plaque, 48th Columbus International Film & Video Festival – Beast Machines - The Reformatting

1997 – International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions (IAAPA), Best Entertainment Product – ReBoot the Ride

Sept 1993 – part of Eisner Award winning team for the Dark Horse comic series, ‘Grendel – War Child’.





Certificate of Excellence Diploma, Alias Power Animator – Vancouver Film School, Mar 1996

BFA, First Class Honours Degree in Fine Arts (drawing and painting) – University of Victoria, 1990

Graduated from, G.P. Vanier Senior Secondary, 1984



Volunteer Experience:


Fall 2014, 2015, 2016 - Helped with graphic design needs for Hockey Helps the Homeless in Vancouver
October 2010 - Program/Invitation design for M.A.R.S fundraiser - Courtenay, BC

June 2007 - Helped with Mural project at youth outreach centre - Courtenay, BC

May 2004 – On the Advisory Board - Art Institute of California – San Francisco, CA

Dec 2000 – Careers of the Future lecture - Vancouver, BC

Oct 2000 – University of Victoria, lecture to film class - Victoria, BC

Feb 2000 – Guest speaker and consultant with University of Victoria, Canada Fine Arts faculty on their new digital curriculum

July 1997 - May 2001 - Manager Mainframe Hockey - Grew the hockey program from 2 to 4 teams over my tenure. Kept track of all financials, team structures, league issues etc.

Sept 1992 - 93 – on the Board of Directors for the Victoria Payless Football Club – Victoria. Designed their logo, T-shirts, game-day programs, tickets etc. Also did the game reports and compiled stats during games. I had played for the team in 1986 – 87.